About Us

This is page is just to tell you a little bit about us. We have been renting motorhomes since 1978. Here are some pictures of our previous units and how they have changed over the years. We have also serviced and maintained all of our units over the years and now offering the service to All motorhome owners.

1978 Allegro - 26'

One of the first units: 1978 Allegro

Just to give you an idea of how things looked  in the past

Floor Plan in 1978

Interior plans of the 1978 Allegro:

1979 Winnebago - 26'

1980 Winnebago - 26'

1991 Allegro - 27'
picture coming soon

1996 Allegro - 28'

2001 Allegro - 31'

I hope you enjoyed our archive of our motorhomes and the changes over the years form the late models to the early models as we know today. Thank You for viewing our web site, and i hope it was helpfull.

Roughing it Smoothly With an Allegro

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